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Fucking Faggots [April 09, 2008 @ 4:57pm]
[ mood | angry ]

Why is everyone a douchebag?! I always have to put up with people's shit. Mind you, people put up with my shit too, but I am ranting here, okay?! Anyway... I am sick of my friends talking to me like I am a lowlife shithead who doesn't know their face from their ass, and I don't appreciate it. Don't give me that tone of voice that says you are trying to prove a point, when it OBVIOUSLY isn't important and there is not point to make. Anyway, I think assbags like that need to have an electric shock run over their body every time it happens, so they will learn to never do it again. FUCK! I mean, how considerate of you to talk to me like I am stupid. Okay KNOWITALL, you don't have to cross your arms, tap your foot, and raise your eyebrows at me just because I don't please you good enough. Jesus fucking CHRIST. I want to throw a fucking metal fold-up chair at you when you do that!!! Don't taLK to ME in DIFFerent tonES of VOICE when YOU arE tRYIng to PRovE a poINT, EITHER! It's fucking disrespectful, and I don't do it unless you do it, jerk.

Shit that feels better.

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Adultry? [November 07, 2007 @ 4:25pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Today was cool. I got up and went to work at 10:00. I sat around pricing things and straightening things up. It was an interesting day. I got to laminate a lot of things, and I'm getting better at it. My sweating problem, hyperhidrosis, is still crazy and I sweat embarrassingly at work.

I have been taking an Adobe After Effects class at the Memphis College of Art, and it's really awesome. Soon, I'm going to be taking an Animations class, hopefully. I'm excited about that. Also, another exciting thing coming up, is a film festival for short films, here in Memphis, called Li'l Film Festival. The theme this year is "Resolutions." I'm going to make a film and enter it. I'm doing it for fun, but hey! If I win money, that's awesome! I will edit later, for now, I have to go pick up a friend. :)

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Job or Bust! [October 12, 2007 @ 5:45pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Well, I got a job at Learning House and my first day was Monday. I worked the whole day, from 10:00 am 'til 8:00 pm. It was fun. The owner, Mrs. Faye Blaylock is really nice, and so are the other employees. It's a simple store, but with big responsibilities. Recently, some problems happened at the other three stores, and they had to close... This is the only store left, and it is crammed (in the back and a bit around the store) with boxes. There's so much to price and stock, it's crazy. Because of the unorganized shelves and racks, it's hard to keep up with inventory. I guess it was a godsend that I came along. I'm very picky about neatness. Especially when it comes to things other than my room or the house I live in. When it's dead, and there's nothing to do, I like to go around and straighten things up and make them look 100% better. I got them creaming their pants once I did this. They were saying I was a "hard worker" an "overachiever" and more. Also, this was by my second day. Thursday was the last time I worked there and they said that it's pretty much going to be one of the main things I do, since I'm the only person there that's good at it, and willing to do it. Wow. Okay! Hopefully with me there, it will start looking like an actual store, instead of a place where monkeys hang out. I love it, though. I'm only getting paid $6.00 an hour, and working about 15 hours a week, but it's not too shabby. :) WAY better than Putt-Putt. Anyway, life's been good so far.... Also, turning 17 October 21! :] Yay.


6th grade rock star [September 23, 2007 @ 3:11am]
[ mood | infuriated ]

Okay so there's these people, Charles, Hannah, and Zack (??). They have created a "band". I am friends with Charles and Hannah, and I have never once heard about this. This is how serious it is: they have created a (shitty) graphic for their band, they have named it Intimate Crimson (wtf??), and they have created a myspace for it.

1) Get better graphic skills other than gradients and text.
2) Come up with a better name. Seriously, were you HIGH when you came up with it?
3) Don't create a myspace for your band that you have not practiced with, wrote songs for, or even played a gig.
4) Don't claim that you play an instrument that you don't even play.

Okay, so Charles is not a violinist (he is a violist), and he is claiming that he plays violin? Just because you can play viola (half-assedly, mind you), does not mean you can play pretty much anything else. Especially when you suck at the instrument you "can" play. You are in 10th and 11th grade people... Sure great bands started in highschool or earlier... But these people have not played/sung together ONCE! And they are just sitting at their computers making these ideas up, while you have schoolwork and other IMPORTANT things to do, other than dream?! Get on the ball, kids... This is life! We are almost adults, and you aren't a rock star... By the sounds of it. So put down the invisible instruments and the invisible fucking fans and pick up the pencils and tests. Get the gooey shit out of your head or you will end up like fucking roadkill, in the real-world sense.

Thanks for listening to my rant. -_-;

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A=lw? [September 20, 2007 @ 11:53am]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

Well, I started school, and it's pretty easy, so far. *crosses fingers* I hope to get caught up rather quickly. I have been getting a week done in everything in two days, so that is two weeks in everything in a week. Yay. Well, I have been hanging out with Alexandra a lot, lately, and we have been SIMing it up. I have pretty much every expansion pack except for (all) the "stuff" packs and Seasons. :) I just got Bon Voyage the other day... And it's fun! That reminds me... I am going to have to defrag an maint my computer... As well as clean up a lot of files that are clouding up my computer. It all makes my SIMs game run slow. :( Anyway, the family has gotten kind of irritable lately, and I don't know why. Seems like everyone's mad at me for stupid reasons that don't even have to do with me. D: Oh well.. Got any suggestions?



Cloudy Mess [September 10, 2007 @ 4:07pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Well, sorry about the lack of posts. Mind you, I have been rather busy. Having fun, that is. :D

I have been currently hanging out with the love of my life, in a non-sexual, non-lesbian, way. Her name's Alex, and I have known her for 10 whole years. Yes, we come in peace. We LOVE The SIMs 2, and will play for hours, and at 7:00 in the morning, after hours of no sleep, we will lay in bed and play DS lite and laugh with hearty hearts. Although, there may be disagreements and differences, but we will always be friends, to the end, without a doubt. "Nothin's gonna stop me now!" Well, I will update more about things later... Right now I am going to go clean the bathroom and my room.


Toi Jamais [August 20, 2007 @ 7:34pm]
[ mood | happy ]

So, I have really been getting into French films, and other foreign films. I have already seen Amelie, 8 Femmes, and Ma Vie En Rose and I love them all. At a local movie theater, they are showing Paris, Je T'aime. I told my mom I want to borrow the car tomorrow so I can go, whether or not someone can come with me or not. I'd like to see it with a friend, but no one is answering their fucking phone. So, I'm going to that movie tomorrow. Anyone wanna go? :)

Toi Mon Amour, Mon Ami - Virginia Ledoyan
Toi mon amour, mon ami
Quand je rêve c'est de toi
Mon amour, mon ami
Quand je chante c'est pour toi
Mon amour, mon ami
Je ne peux vivre sans toi
Mon amour, mon ami
Et je ne sais pas pourquoi
Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah

Je n'ai pas connu d'autres garçons que toi
Si j'en ai connu, je ne m'en souviens pas
A quoi bon chercher, faire des comparaisons
J'ai un cœur qui sait
Quand il a raison
Et puisqu'il a pris ton nom

Toi mon amour, mon ami
Quand je rêve c'est de toi
Mon amour, mon ami
Quand je chante c'est pour toi
Mon amour, mon ami,
Je ne peux vivre sans toi
Mon amour, mon ami
Et je sais très bien pourquoi
Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah

On ne sait
Jamais jusqu'où ira l'amour
Et moi qui croyais
Pouvoir t'aimer
Qui je t'ai quitté
Et j'ai beau résister
Je chante parfois à d'autres que toi
Un peu moins bien chaque fois

Toi mon amour, mon ami
Quand je rêve c'est de toi
Mon amour, mon ami
Quand je chante c'est pour toi
Mon amour, mon ami
Je ne peux vivre sans toi
Mon amour, mon ami
Et je ne sais pas pourquoi
Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah

Is blood really thicker than water? [August 19, 2007 @ 7:08pm]
[ mood | morose ]

Well, since Alexandra spent the night at my house three nights in a row, some pretty depressing and detrimental shit has happened. First of all, I should tell you about the days before the nasty shit.

First day:
It was fun, we had lots of fun. We swam, hung out in my room playing Guitar Hero, The SIMs 2, and Shadow of the Colossus. She spent the night.

Second day:
It was also fun. We basically did the same thing as day one.

Third day:
See first two days... -_-;

So, by the fourth day, it is her last DAY at my house, and we are just chillin'. So, later, we decide to go to a restaurant to relax, have a few cigarettes, have a couple drinks, and talk. We hang out, then we get ready to leave, heading downtown to meet her mom at Stop 345, for some dinner. It's a Greek restaurant, and it's DELICIOUS. With a sexy belly dancer and great service and music. Well, we leave, and cruise around Beale St. for a little while. On our way back home, Charles, a friend, calls and is having problems with his dad. So, we pick him up and go back to my place. After hanging out for a bit, I slip up, from being off my meds for a day, and being kind of frustrated, and call his mom a bitch.

Well, that started a whole whirlpool of shit. Alex started getting defensive for his mom, and I start to get angry (I have the temper of a bull.... THANKS DAD). I argue and then storm out of the house, sitting in the backyard shed smoking. About 20 minutes pass, and my mom starts looking for me, finding me, she tells me they left. Feeling very depressed, I head inside. No one's there, and all their things are gone. I feel like I was just totally dumped (by a lover, sort of). Feeling just shitty, I plop on my bed and just start bawling. I get embarrassed, or ashamed, when I am wrong, and can't admit that I did wrong. I felt like a horrible friend, and that my two besties just left me forever. I felt so alone, and my heart felt a little stabbed, or shredded. Mostly because of myself. I hadn't felt like this in a long time. I hate when I miss my medicine, and shit like this always happens when I do. Anyway, a lot of things were said to each other (Alex & Charles)... A lot of things that shouldn't have been said. This pisses me off a little, because I still hold all of their secrets in my heart, but they just completely let mine out to each other. I feel a little let down at that, but I guess I deserved it? It's all my fault. I'm to blame. I should be stoned to death. I should have a group of people shoot me. I should just walk into traffic. Of course, I have barely talked to either of them, although I have been apologizing my head off and been so remorseful, it's not even cute or cuddly. I feel abandoned, and I think I want to take a couple loritabs and just relax. I think I'll do just that. I want all of this mama drama to stop. I've said my sorrys, and I mean them, too...

Hopefully they will forgive me, for I have forgiven them too many times to count.


Mozilla Firefox [August 15, 2007 @ 3:54pm]
[ mood | devious ]

Okay, so on my browser my journal page looks freakin' awesome... On my dad's computer, right next to me, my friend was looking at my journal... and it looked FUCKED UP! So, I came to the conclusion that...


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Me, me, me... [August 14, 2007 @ 1:52am]
[ mood | good ]

So, I want to talk about me, since some of you may not know me at all...

I am a chubby red-headed girl, with grey-blue eyes and a great sense of humor, so I think... Did I mention my hair is really short? I mean, I've had it almost buzz-cut short, but it's overlapping my ears now, and I can put my hair in small ponytail things that are about an inch-and-a-half long. Anyway... I love to wear converse and my vans. I am very artistic, in fact I usually ruin my shoes by coloring/painting/markering all over them. I wear headbands a lot, and love to swim. I am sixteen, but not for long. I drive like a bat out of hell, and am trying to fix that. I smoke, usually Marlboro Red 100's, but lately I can only afford Doral Light 100's... I have done the occasional pain pill-poppin, pot smoking, and alcohol drinking... But I'm not a druggie nor an alcoholic. I absolutely love RPG's, and play a lot of them online, including Furcadia and Endless Online. I am going to start RPing with my brother, doing Vampire of the Masquerade... I am having trouble with creating my character, though. I am looking for a job, and I used to work at Putt-Putt Golf and Games (what hell!). I love Star Wars, especially the Vader, and Harry Potter. I consider myself nerd/geek/dork, whatever... I have wonderful friends, and intend to keep them for eternity. I wear funny shirts, with funny sayings, or ones that I just plain like... Most likely jean-shorts or jean pants. I like skull stuff, and stars. I have three piercings, all in my ear, and intend to get my nipples pierced along with my nose. I love all kinds of music. I play violin, and am pretty good. I like to wash cars, babysit, and all that childish, to-make-money stuff... I wish I never had to grow up. I am not a virgin (had to throw that out there). I like boys and girls. Apparently I am bisexual. I love amusement parks and water parks. I still watch cartoons. I have an older brother and an older sister (ranging from 11-13 years older than me). Maybe that's why I seem older? I have 2 beta fish, a Siberian husky, a piranha, and a cat. That's all I can think of for now, and if you have any questions, rants, or bitchy comments... Comment me. :)

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Boredom... [August 12, 2007 @ 8:57pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Today there's nothing that happened. I woke up at 3, computed, read, ate dinner, and am now computing some more...

If anything exciting happens, I'll let you know. :(


Harry Potter and Poker... ? [August 12, 2007 @ 12:47am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

So, today (technically yesterday) I went home at around 11:something and hung out with my mom for a little bit. I plan on teaching her the violin, so I got an old busted up violin out of the closet someone gave me a while back. The only thing is it didn't have strings on it... So I got some strings out of the closet and attached them. The violin was being a fickle bitch, though. Putting the A string on was tough... But my mom was able to do it, since she is a nurse 'n' all. O_o; While she was doing that, I took a long, relaxing nap... Since the kids fucking woke me up this morning at 9 o'fucking-clock. Hehe... Anyway, I woke up and saw my brother, dad, and mom unpacking groceries.
This is dad's poker-night with all his 'buddies' so the house is uber clean on these days, and there's a fridge full o' cokes and food. :/ Waking up, I smoked and ate a bowl of cereal... My favorite; cocoa pebbles. :) YAY! I scarf that down and then hook up the other three strings on mom's violin. Got that done. Calling my friend Charles, I see what he's doing tonight... Nothing, as usual. So I bum some money from my folks and we go see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Of course, this is my second time seeing it, but it was his first. :) Anyway, it was fun and quite hilarious with him being there. :D So, all-in-all, I have had a good day, and plan to have many more... Hopefully.



One in the Morning? [August 11, 2007 @ 2:11am]
[ mood | tired ]

It's one in the morning, and I just layed the kids down to bed. My sister said she didn't care how late they stayed up, but even I am getting tired. Eyona, my niece, was easy to get to bed... But the other one, Zarek, keeps saying that he "Doesn't want to go to sleep." "Did I ask you what you wanted?" I said... and he layed his little head down. Now as I sit here smoking my cigarette, I hear the creaks in the floor of little feet padding around in the night. It has literally been two minutes, and the boy says he can't sleep... So I took it to the next level... Threatening a spanking... Althought I'm known as the "laid-back babysitter" and will let the kids do pretty much whatever, I don't tolerate little kids backtalking me at one o'clock in the fucking morning.

As I predicted, I did take a bath and it was very relaxing and warm. Even though it's about 9241823948239 degrees outside, my feet are cold. :(  I think I am about to lay down on the couch and try to sleep. Eh, whatever.. It'll be all good.

Wish me luck with the hooligans. :)



A Night of Two Terrors [August 10, 2007 @ 10:08pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

Well, instead of going to the mall, shopping, and having fun with my friends... I am stuck at my sisters, babysitting two terrible (sorta) children. My niece, and my sister's, boyfriend's, son. Anyway, I am stuck her tonight while she goes and parties. :( At least I'm getting paid, but... It really sucks. There's never anything to do, except for smoke pot and take baths. :(  Anyway... I might play a little Mario Bro's on the DS lite and watch a movie, but for now I am tired and my legs hurt. :(



Things... [August 10, 2007 @ 3:31pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

Today I plan to go to the mall with friends, that is if I can...

First, I have to clean the bathroom, because my dad is having a bunch of big-wigs coming over to play poker. I really want to see the rest of The Last Mimsy. I watched most of it last night at Charles's, but I had to go home. Eh. I dunno. I hope I can get some moolah so I can get some stuff at the mall while I'm there. Anyway, I watched some of Mom and Dad Save the World. Remember that old-ass movie? It's funny. lol Anyway... I'm not getting much popularity on this thing, and I guess it's because I've had it for only three days. XD I'd love to hear from some people and meet some more. :)


Writer's Block: Vacation Time [August 10, 2007 @ 12:38am]
[ mood | amused ]

What was your most memorable vacation, and why?

     Well, my most memorable vacation would have to be going to Destin, Florida with my mom, sister, and niece. It was my first time to a beach other than Gulf Shores, Alabama and it was the first time I actually loved the ocean water.


Not so new... [August 08, 2007 @ 12:00am]
[ mood | calm ]

I'm not so new here.
I've been here before, long ago.
Kinda got distracted with life, ya know?
I remember loving it.
I hope you still allow me to love it.
Am I making any sense?
I don't think so....
Lemme just go dump my head in acid...

By the way:

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